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Do you live in Bingham Farms, MI and need pest control services? For more than forty years American Pest Control has been accurately controlling pests. Have Doc get rid of your pest control problem for good. Don’t forget to ask about our organic pest control treatments.

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Bingham Farms Bed Bug Control, Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

Bed bugs are hitch hikers. They move from place to place with humans. Be careful when you travel! The hospitality industry is doing their best but these bed bugs are everywhere. American Pest Control guarantees complete elimination. Call us for a free estimate on bed bug removal in Bingham Farms.

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Moles and Voles – Which is it?

Control these Unwanted Pests in Michigan & Florida!

Moles damage our beautiful (and expensive) lawns by burrowing under and in the root systems of lawns and gardens. They eat mostly worms and sometimes grubs but rarely feed on grass. However, their burrowing kills the grass leaving ugly scars and mounds.

Voles also burrow under ground mostly in gardens where they feed on roots and other vegetation.

Moles become semi dormant in winter but voles do not. Because voles are active year round, they must continue to feed often damaging expensive plants in our gardens by chewing on tender bark especially after snow and other winter elements deprive them of their regular food supplies

Control of Moles:

Recently Bell Labs, a manufacturer which services the pest control industry, did a much needed study concerning mole control. The result of their extensive research was the development of a worm like product that works. The product replaced lawn sprays and repellents that were questionable at best.

Control of Voles:

Expensive shrubs and trees can be protected with hardware clothe wrapped around the trunks at ground level to approximately 1 inches. American Pest Control Company can help by placing protected bait stations in gardens which are serviced regularly.

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Get Rid of Bed Bugs!

It’s tough to kill be bugs on your own. Learn how to avoid a bed bug epidemic and rid yourself from unwanted bed bugs. Learn More…

“I have been using your company to make sure that I don’t have any uninvited guests into my home for the past 14 years. I have found your service to be excellent with prompt professional service. Best of all, I have not had any problems with mice, ants or other trouble makers. A little prevention is the best cure. Thank you for your service.”

Lee Bria

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