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The most common type of fly is the house fly. Almost everyone can recognize this pest, because we all have probably killed house flies hundreds of times. For the periodic house fly invasion, a standard fly swatter will do, but for frequent infestations or large numbers a professional pest control expert is needed. Contact us to learn more about our fly control services.

House flies are 1/8″ to 1/4″ long. They are dull grey with 4 black stripes on their backs.

Female house flies lay their eggs (usually 75 to 150) in a variety of moist rotting, fermenting organic matter including manure, rotting leaves, garbage, spilled animal feed and soils contaminated with organic waste. Flies can go through a complete life cycle in as little as 7 days. The adults feed on liquids but can feed on some solids by regurgitated body fluids. They feed on everything from feces to human food and are considered a major health problem.

The most effective control method is to eliminate breeding sites. Screens and other mechanical control measures are helpful. Pesticide applications should be directed at the adult fly population.

Flies that Bite

Stable Fly

The stable fly is 1/4″ to 3/8″ long light grey fly which resembles the house fly. He has a piercing-sucking mouth and can deliver a very painful bite. Stable flies are found around new construction that used to be farm land and along beaches where they breed in decayed seaweed or other decayed organic substances. If you get painful bites, usually around the ankles, you have a stable fly problem. Control is difficult at best due to the large breeding sites. When these flies are present it is best to move indoors or behind screened areas. Removal of manure piles and seaweed along beaches will help.

Deer Fly

Horse fly and deer flies can become a problem in areas where their natural hosts are nearby usually within a mile or two. Deer flies are about 1″ long and light brown in color. Horse flies are somewhat larger than deer flies. They are more robust and usually a dark brown to black in coloration. Both these insects are more or less solitary. Often a fly swatter is the best defense. In heavy infestations residual wettable powders and micro encapsulated pesticide may be helpful.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are close relatives of the blow flies and appear similar to house flies but are more robust in body structure. The female lays eggs in the soil where they hatch into larvae which burrow into earthworms where they develop in about a month. There are usually 4 generations per year beginning in spring.

Cluster flies are annoying because they over winter in attics and wall voids of houses. On warm days in winter they often appear sluggishly on the sunny side of the structure. As the weather warms in spring they wake and try to leave the structure. Many are unsuccessful and become trapped inside. Control can be obtained by treating the exterior of the structure in fall with wettable powders or micro encapsulated pesticides.

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